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Learning to "see".

As an art director and creative director I have been working to refine and expand my sensibilities to “see” design and communication for over 20 years. Now that I am exploring photography as a personal outlet for my creativity and vision I am having to learn to “see” things from a different perspective. 

With the way that film, emulsions and other medias “see” and render light and colour I am learning to see things in different ways in an attempt to bring the things I see in my head to a single printed moment. It is fun, frustrating and wonderful. 

My most favourite thing to photograph is people. So many ways to look at and light and “see” faces and angles. I am also enjoying making photographs of vintage cars, trucks and motorcycles. But I have not been able to really make any landscape type shots that I am in love with so I am working to learn to “see” these images and soon attempt to photograph them.

Here is a video about Michael Kenna that is inspiring me today. His way of ‘seeing" is quite beautiful in its simplicity and content. Enjoy.

PerspectiveTim Scott