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I don't shoot much color film...

I am 99% a black and white kind of guy. I love the timelessness of it, the simplicity and the tonality that black and white can exhibit. I have nothing against color, but for me to use color film it really has to add something special to the image that I can’t accomplish with black and white. This is a choice, not a judgment. Southern California has some of the most beautiful light in the world and that light looks amazing in black and white and color. I am blessed to live here. The evening light at the El Mirage dry lake bed is simply glorious–the rich golds, the cool blues and everything in-between just beg to be shared on color film. So while you may not see this a lot from me, when you do there’s a good reason.
This car belongs to my friends Chick and Tony Huntimer, passionate racers and all around great people. This series was shot on Saturday, June 9th at sunset using a Hasselblad 501cm and Kodak Ektar film.

Tim Scott