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Beautifully Human

Humans. We are beautiful, flawed and so wonderfully imperfect. This is a portrait series of select individuals that I have found exceptionally Beautifully Human. I will be casting and shooting this project on an ongoing basis as I find people that inspire me to make their photograph.

It could be you. Are you willing to show your human side? Your happiness? Your sadness? Your dark side? Your fire? There is no exact person for this series, just persons who are willing to truly share who they are–imperfectly perfect.

I am photographing using medium and large format film cameras. There is still nothing that can replicate actual silver for an image. It is a slow and beautiful process where we will MAKE a photograph, not just take a picture.

This is a TF project as I will be spending hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars on film and materials to do this project right. What will you get out of it? After the series is complete I will offer you museum quality signed print up to 16x20 (or smaller if you wish) and a screen resolution watermarked jpeg (up to 1500px) of your choice of any of the selected final project images. 

If you are interested in being considered to be part of this project send an email to and include a few pictures and what makes you distinctly beautifully human.

Thank you.

Tim Scott


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