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Shinya Kimura

Who is Shinya Kimura?

Mr. Kimura is an artist, and engineer, a motorcycle builder and a man of intense passion for his craft. I’ve only had the honor of meeting Mr. Kimura once and that was early in February 2016 though I have been a fan since his days at Zero Engineering.

Mr. Kimura is a quiet, unassuming man. He has well worn hands and eyes that express an intense and gentle passion for what he creates. What he builds are quite simply ridable works of art. The quest of hand-built perfection in every detail, the decades of knowledge and the unsatisfied pursuit of continuous artistic execution are clearly evident in every mechanical marvel he builds.

What I find so refreshing and inspiring about the time that I was able to wander around his studio/shop in Azusa, CA was just how humble and kind he is. His willingness to welcome us into his private world and share stories of each incredible piece we asked about is a throwback to the days when men were confident in their skills yet humble and open-minded enough to help anyone who wanted to learn a chance to have a taste of skills and knowledge that they had worked their entire lives to gain. This is honor. This is craftsmanship. This is what the world need more of. Passion, complete dedication to create, to build and to hold history dear while moving into new perspectives, approaches and creativity.

Thank you Mr. Kimora for sharing your art, passions and metal soul. You inspire me deeply.