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Growing in my perspectives

So many times I feel like things just look so much better on the ground glass than they do when I see the actual images. This photograph was made while I was on a weekend shoot with a group of large format friends. I shot a few sheets of LF but as I am not a great landscape shooter I also brought the Hasselblad and tried to see things besides just the incredible views all around in the Alabama Hills in California (confusing, I know).

After spending the day wandering around and experiencing such grandiose beauty I was sitting at camp wondering why I was sitting on my butt when there was so much to see. I grabbed the Hasselblad and started walking around close to the campsite and came across this bush. It looked a bit sad but the more I looked at it I came to see this proud but tired piece of nature standing strong against the elements and I had to try to make a photograph. After about 5 different positions on the tripod I came to this composition and it looked like magic on the ground glass. I almost didn't make the photograph because it was so beautiful on the ground glass I knew that I was going to be disappointed in the final image. Well, I made the exposure anyway and I'm glad I did. For some reason this image moves me and I can't explain why and that is why I love it.

Photograph by Tim Scott @Scott Photo Co.

Photograph by Tim Scott @Scott Photo Co.